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A Compliance, Outreach, Recruitment, and Enrollment Initiative Designed to Improve Admissions into Head Start and Early Head Start Programs

H.G. Jones & Associates has been committed to providing excellence in non-profit, for-profit organizations that provide programming and services in the areas of family/human services, early childhood education, community health, and community services since 2002.

Our years of experience have paved the way for providing a Smooth Entry Subscription Services to our Community Based Organizations, Community Action Agencies, Community Health Clinics, Municipalities, School Systems, Head Start and Early Head Start customers in the US Mainland, US Territories of America Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands.

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We recognize the gaps your organizations tackle, and HGJA has the viable and attainable solutions! Save Your Agency’s Time and Funds with Our Low-Cost Annual Subscriptions.

With an annual online technical assistance and training subscription, you’ll have access to your choice of subscription tiers. With a subscription, you can determine what best suite your organization’s needs for a reduced cost. A low-cost subscription is a great way to offset the cost of employee turnover and risk management.

Just a few of the features an annual subscription offers: Cost reduction, up to date compliance, access to forensic regulatory expert consultants, and models. Our subscription choices include plans, strategies, resources, and tools designed to strengthen ERSEA systems, improve quality assurance methods, risk management models, and eliminate ERSEA deficiencies, non-compliances and under enrollment. It includes resources and tools to help remedy the impediments you are facing.

We can work with agencies of any size to put together a custom subscription tier package that will meet the individual needs of your organization.

Join us by getting your Smooth Entry Subscription today!

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Guiding Principles for Early Childhood Admissions
Basic ERSEA Assessment
ERSEA Help Desk Support
Website Frequently Asked Questions


Everything in Gold plus…
Outreach, Recruitment and Marketing Strategies


Everything in Silver plus…
Comprehensive ERSEA Assessment
ERSEA Podcast
ERSEA Webinars
On and off-site Technical Assistance