Our Values

Grounded in Commitment. Fueled by Thought Leadership

We understand that the work you do matters and in a very real way impacts the lives of many in your communities. We don’t take the remarkable opportunity we have to bolster community organizations lightly and are driven by a strong sense of duty to the people impacted by our clients and guided by an understanding of organizational culture.

Value 1

We are guided by ethics, professional standards, and the core belief that each client deserves detailed attention, respect, and care, we remain focused on exceeding client expectations.

Value 2

We are committed to our team and our clients. Our commitment to stay together since 2007 enhances our team’s cohesiveness and helps us to evolve as an organization to better super serve our clients.

Value 3

We push the status quo. Our organizational vision and focus to be industry front-runners allow our products and services to remain relevant for more than a decade.

Value 4

We remain grounded in our values and process which are exemplified by the “Smooth Entry Project,” an initiative focused on improving access into early childhood and human services programs and one that has set us apart from the competition.

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Case Study

Customer Challenge/Problem

Meeting and maintaining compliance with federal regulatory requirements which puts continued funding at risk. For example, a customer was awarded a grant from the federal government to serve 1800 children with an average cost per child of $8,500. The grantee was under-enrolled by 100 children for 8 consecutive months. This enrollment shortfall equated to a noncompliance and which could have led to a deficiency. Approximately $858,000 of tax payers’ dollars was not reaching the children and families in poverty it was allocated to serve due to lack of compliance.


HGJA worked with key stakeholders including leadership, management, and Board to address systematic problems causing under-enrollment. Through our initial assessment, HGJA identified root causes impacting under-enrollment and worked with the customer to develop a strategic and tactical plan to remove barriers and to meet full enrollment within the proposed timelines. Our solution not only helped the organization to meet regulatory requirements, but helped to ensure tax payer dollars continued to reach children and families in poverty.