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Meet and Maintain Full Enrollment Year-Round

Get knowledge on how to achieve Head Start ERSEA system goals including meeting and maintaining funded enrollment– in as little as three sessions.

Now more than ever, children and families in poverty need Head Start. Staff in local programs can benefit from HGJA’s ERSEA trainings and materials which provide in-depth insight on trends, regulatory requirements, and best practices to support families in poverty. These are unprecedented times! It is imperative that staff ensure “smooth entry” for low-income children and families accessing Head Start programs.

Help Families Get a Head Start.

Helping You Help Others

From urban areas in Chicago to rural areas in Texas, H.G. Jones & Associates has helped hundreds in early childhood and education, and human services agencies nationally/internationally, including territories in Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands to successfully navigate ERSEA regulatory mandates. Many of our very own executives were once Head Start children which proves that Head Start programs are a stepping stone to life achievements. Promote comprehensive services and school readiness goals for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children from low-income families.

Children are our beneficiaries - Our Values - HG Jones Associates
Who We Help in Head Start
  • Boards

  • Policy Council

  • Executives and Program Directors

  • Content Area Managers

  • Family Services and Intake Staff

  • Parents

  • Child Care Partners

  • Other Key Community Partners

Training That Matters

Promote smooth entry into Head Start. Learn from industry experts about policies, regulations, implementations, and more—so that you can successfully give help to those who need it most.

This training is designed to equip you with the tools you need to have a thriving Head Start program. Strengthen your knowledge and skills essential to meeting the requirements outlined in Part 1302 of the federal regulations geared toward eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance (ERSEA) in Head Start.

Program Outcomes

By attending the ERSEA training, you will learn to:

–Develop a system for effective eligibility determination, outreach, and recruitment

–Identify and select children and families with the greatest need for services

–Prepare, meet, and maintain Head Start full enrollment in pre/post-COVID19

–Minimize compliance risks and meet requirements to ensure a successful program

–Successfully transfer this systemic and regulatory knowledge to others within your organization


HGJA Training Is the Best Worldwide—Here’s Why

Understand & Implement Critical Success Factors.

We guide you through ERSEA systems, policies, and regulations with materials that will help you long after your training session is over. Receive an exclusive take-home manual so that you can continue to implement critical success factors to your organization.

Learn From Industry Experts.

Our ERSEA certified training courses are led by experts in the industry so that you will always get accurate, timely, and essential knowledge. HGJA facilitators are directly involved in helping you create ERSEA outcomes and removing barriers to meeting ERSEA goals. The information designed for each session is based on the Head Start Act, Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility, Head Start performance standards, and industry best practices. This means that what you learn is what will bring in results.

Meet Requirements The Right Way.

ERSEA system training is mandatory, but our courses go above and beyond the basic requirements. 1302.12(m) of the Head Start performance standards states: “A program must train all governing body, policy council, management, and staff who determine eligibility on applicable federal regulations and program policies and procedures”. We help you understand the ERSEA policies to meet requirements. Then we show you how to successfully execute outreach programs to recruit families into your program, helping you achieve and maintain enrollment goals.

See What People Are Saying

“Henry is a mind changer. I took the ERSEA classes with 20 years under my belt and I still felt challenged and at no point thought it was an easy certification, he made me work for it!” 

Melody G.

Ensure Your Program’s Success.

Learn about ERSEA in Head Start.

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