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Facilitate Action In Your Community through Community Assessment Planning and Training

Build a strong foundation for your Agency/Programs planning with Community Assessment Training. In this live virtual session, you and your team will get hands-on learning experience targeting community data that supports organizational goals and outcomes, regulatory requirements for funders, and process management to support effective data collection and analysis.

Learn how to conduct and effectively manage a Community Assessment process.

This Matters Now More Than Ever

Based on the impacts of the pandemic and other environmental factors, don’t wait another five years to conduct your next Community Assessment. Conduct an assessment this year! COVID-19 has impacted many children and families, and your team needs to know their needs now. Better serve your community and tailor your program to benefit those who need it most during these uncertain times.

Know Your Community. Meet Their Needs.

Community Assessments are an integral part of helping impoverished families potentially at-risk. Learn to identify families with the greatest needs in your community by effectively targeting conditions such as low-income, homelessness, foster care, immigrants, children with disabilities and other issues impacting families in poverty. Knowing the demographics of your community means that you can tailor your agency programs to meet their needs effectively. This then leads to an agency/program that supports and uplifts others—a goal that any community agency should plan to reach.

Training That Supports Your Community

Give your program the foundation it needs. Required by organizational and performance standards, this training will help you properly assess your community so that you better serve them.

Learn from industry experts about specific regulatory requirements, process management, and data gathering strategies. You’ll also learn and strengthen the skills needed to analyze and properly utilize collected data for grant development and program planning. This training will not only cover the Community Assessment requirements of 45 CFR 1302.11(b), but also organizational standards to support community programs.

Program Outcomes

By attending the Community Assessment Training, you will learn to:

–Identify the strengths, needs, and conditions of families in the community

–Interview families and meet with community leaders

–Conduct national and local research

–Develop programs and annual plans to support these families

–Take community action 

HGJA Training Is the Best Worldwide—Here’s Why

Learn From a Team With Years of Industry Knowledge.

Our training facilitators are experts in the field, which means you’ll get accurate, timely, and essential knowledge. HGJA facilitators are directly involved in helping you meet Community Assessment requirements. We guide you through the process of what makes up a Community Assessment—so that you can have all the information you need to conduct a proper assessment and help families.

Better Understand and Assist Communities in Need

When you attend this Community Assessment Training, you’ll be equipped with the tools required to better understand the communities around you—so that you can provide them with the right assistance. Our training helps you target your community’s needs stemming from poverty, the COVID-19 pandemic, funding, and more.

Successfully Meet All Regulatory Data Requirements.

Ensure all regulatory data requirements are addressed, collected, and properly analyzed by attending this training. HGJA facilitators will also show you how to turn critical data into comprehensive programs to effectively meet your community’s needs.

See What People Are Saying

“Henry is a mind changer. I took the ERSEA classes with 20 years under my belt and I still felt challenged and at no point thought it was an easy certification, he made me work for it!” 

Melody G.

Meet Your Community’s Needs.

Learn About Community Assessments.

Live Virtual Training

Facilitate Community Action With Community Assessment Training


  • Day 1
    April 20, 2021
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Day 2
    April 21, 2021
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm


  • Day 1
    October 7, 2021
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm
  • Day 2
    October 8, 2021
    9:30 am - 3:30 pm